Expanding Contacts


Today I would like to share with you some of my favorite web pages and international contacts. It is a smart move on the part of anyone in the field of child development/early childhood education to have as many resources as possible. Here are a couple to add to your collection:

Let’s start with the best website for those of you working or interested in children ages zero to three:


 Their mission is to “ensure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. ” It is the granddaddy of all information concerning this age group. Some of the category titles you can click on and spend many many hours looking at are:

1. behavior and development

2. maltreatment

3. care and education

4.public policy

5. professional development

6. resources for parents

Just about any question you have regarding these topics -they have the answer. It is time well-spent.

international Contacts:

Marc Armitage : http://www.marc-armitage.eu/

Marc Armitage is an independent consultant, researcher and writer in children’s play and the wider social world of children and young people (0-19 years).

He delivers a variety of projects including consultancy, training, independent evaluations, research and development work.

Marc is a regular speaker at conference and seminar events around the world and has been published in magazine articles, periodicals, journals and books in English, Swedish and Dutch. He is also is a member of the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past, the History of Education Society and the Folklore Society.

One of his newest passions is Malarkey. Malarkey is a company supporting people in the children and young people’s workforce with training, publications, advocacy and support. Based in Melbourne, Victoria it operates throughout the whole of Australia and New Zealand. The company was registered in December 2013 and began operating fully on March 8th 2014. Marc has been involved in this project and promotes it shamelessly wherever he goes….


Well….that is what his website says of him….those who know him know he is a dynamic, energetic force to be reckoned with the moment you lock eyes. He knows more about play than anyone I know and I could sit at his feet and listen all day long.  Here..take a listen

Then we have the Pikler Institute’s Anna Tardos:

anna tardos



If the name Magda Gerber is familiar for those of you who work with infants and toddlers, then Dr. Emmi Pikler  should sound just as familiar. Dr. Pikler opened Loczy in Hungary and developed an unique approach to educaring: http://pikler.org/PiklerPractices.html.

Though Dr. Pikler has passed away, her daughter Anna Tardos has continued and expanded her work beyond Bucharest.  I have not had the pleasure to speak with her in person, but have been in webinars and corresponded with her via email. She is a delight and has so much respect for babies. I learned so much from her and the literature that the institute puts out that I share it with all those I work with both privately and professionally.

So there you have it – some new resources to add to your collection. I hope they inspire you just as they have inspired me!







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