Time to start writing again…


I have a love/hate with writing.

Let me try to explain….

When I think of all my thinking about education…what I’ve learned through academia and experience, I get to feeling overwhelmed. I subscribe to several blogs which then create a feeling in me that I need to respond with more than a “like.” I have worked in both  private and state funded preschools in the state of California and how the hoops that providers are expected to jump through for the sake of funding leave the morale of the staff and the quality of care low. I have yet to be given a straight answer as to how I was to take endless anedotal notes on my 12 students while supervising and interacting with them. Teacher pay is low with little or no benefits while those who direct and administrate programs receive higher wages and benefits. Permits need to be kept current (100 bucks and up every 5 years), along with CPR and First Aid certifications (another 100 bucks every two years) .  A site supervisor at a non-profit makes a little more than enough to keep him/her off the welfare doles and if you happen to be a single mom, you will never make enough money on your own to buy a house on your salary.

So like I said, one thought leads to another in my stream of consciousness…which means it is time to start blogging again.

When I was younger I didn’t think I had the knowledge or experience to be part of this educational discussion, but I do now. I have 30 years of hits and misses, things I’ve seen work and practices that should never take place in or out of a classroom. I have had parents praise me and some that have wanted my head on a platter.Co-workers and supervisors who where saints and sinners. I’ve experienced in Academia  professors who taught classes not because they had a passion for the subject, but needed  a second job and didn’t really care about their students. I  have also had awesome instructors that I would follow to the ends of Mother Earth to absorb anything and everything they put out into the Universe. Political climates sometime laud us as “professionals” who need support and I have seen that climate turn cold and ugly, shutting out families who were in dire need of care. I have been in the trenches opening new facilities in both the high end and low end of town. I would say I have seen it all-but know better than to utter that phrase into the atmosphere.  Let’s just say I have seen and experienced enough to want to share with you, cry with you, help you along  your own journey in this field we call Early Childhood Education.

Yes have something to say, and I hope you will come along on the ride with me as I take up my laptop and begin the journey once again.  You are welcome to send me questions of topics and I would be happy to answer or pose the question to our community.

Warm Regards –





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