Hello Blogging world!

I have been reluctant to really commit to blogging about early childhood education as I felt I had nothing to say that anyone would care to take an          interest in – until now.

So here are my credentials as I begin this new experience:

I have an AA in Social/Behavioral Science, BS in Management, 2 ECE permits from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 1000′s of hours of professional growth experience/conference attending, PITC trained.

I am a: (no particular order)
mom for 23 (24 if in utero counts) years,mentor, fully-qualified teacher/site supervisor by California standards, trainer.

I have worked:

In traditional preschool classrooms

Play-based preschool environments. (The world is the classroom)

Elementary classrooms (parent volunteer)


After school programs for both profit and non-profit organizations

Assistant Director for Corporate child care centers

In non-traditional settings, including drop-in, faith-based programs, title I and title V.

As a director in an infant-toddler program

A program director for the YMCA

As a girl scout leader

Home school educator/coordinator

Umpire for ASA and Bobby Sox Softball

….the list could go on and on…..

Bottom Line – I have had a long and diverse career in working with kids and their families. I like working with and for kids. I have seen fads in education come and go. I am ready to discuss, educate, teach, advocate those who are willing to be open minded and ready to move education forward in ways that may seem backward to some, but fascinating to others –



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  1. I wanted to express my thanks in the opportunity to collaborate with another professional within the early childhood field. I look forward to keeping in contact with you throughout the duration of my graduate studies and professional career in general. I hope that we are able to continue to exchange useful ideas and wisdom! Thanks again and let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you and your professional career!

  2. I have enjoyed reading each week what you have to say and see the interesting spin you put on our assignments. I have really been impressed with your contributions and your insight. Thanks so much for bringing your ideas to the table each week. I look forward to having more classes with you during this journey. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks!

  3. I love your Blog. The topics that you choose (Obesity)… your position on play, technology and assessment… wonderful. Your skill at posting photos, and videos make the site inviting. I consider you to be an advocate for children whose voice is powerful and compelling. I hope that we can get together some time, perhaps at a Conference? Will you be at CAEYC in San Diego next year?

    I thank you for putting into gentler words (with admirable restraint and finesse) a strong and assertive message for our classmates.

    gregory uba

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